Concrete Grinding in Sydney

Do you need a professional flooring company to treat your concrete floors to protect it against the deterioration caused by high traffic or chemicals? If so, Floorace is the company for you. We can solve a range of flooring problems and find solutions for many other flooring needs, including concrete grinding in Sydney. With high-quality products and professional, trustworthy members of staff, you will be happy with the result that will be achieved.
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Why Choose Floorace for Concrete Grinding?

Floorace is a family-owned business run by Jason Ebrahimi. As Managing Director, he uses his over 20 years of experience in the residential and commercial building industries to lead our team of professionals who run and administer all of our projects. We don’t just specialise in concrete grinding, but floor preparation and installation, it means that we have unrivalled expertise, leading to high-quality results completed in a shorter timeframe. We can offer a lot of advice to our clients and make sure that we find the best way to prepare, and the right products for your floor, such as concrete grinding in Sydney

What is Concrete Grinding?

Although concrete floors are strong, they need treatments to ensure that they stay that way. If you use chemicals that can be dropped on the floor, or have a high volume of traffic, over time, the concrete can start to wear away and deteriorate. To stop this from happening, you can have epoxy coatings applied to your floors. There can be various numbers of layers depending on your needs, and you can choose from a smooth or non-slip finish. 

The floor needs concrete grinding to make it smooth and to remove any imperfections, and then the resin floor coating can be put over the top. Once concrete flooring has been ground, it is easy for any type of flooring to be applied to the concrete because the surface area will be smooth and even. If the concrete flooring isn’t ground and cleaned properly before the epoxy or resin coating is put down, the flooring can start to chip and break soon after completion. 

In an industrial setting, concrete grinding will ensure that the flooring is durable and long-lasting as it will be able to withstand the working conditions typical of this environment.

Contact Floorace for Concrete Grinding Services in Sydney

Floorace doesn’t only complete flooring using quality materials; we also have many services that help with the process before and after floor installation. We offer a thorough consultation process before we start any work so that we can advise you on the best options based on your needs.

Once the consultation is complete, and you’re happy with how we’re going to proceed, we start surface preparation before we apply the high-quality materials that we need to finish your floor. When the flooring is finished, we will inspect and test it, and then you can benefit from our planned maintenance program. 

All the steps are completed to a high standard so that you are happy with the quality of the final product. 

Contact us today to find out more or to request a quote.
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