Our Systems

From inter-office policies and procedures to on-site policies and procedures, we’ve got it all covered !

Floorace’s management system ensures protection of all those on and around a site, protection of the environment, constant training of all staff, and, above all, a consistent approach to the quality of work our clients have come to appreciate and rely on over the years.

You can count on our expertise throughout the whole process – from the initial enquiry to project completion.

Workplace Health and Safety

Our professional installers are Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) compliant and use comprehensive safe work method statements, material safety data sheets to technical data sheets. We provide a trained, well-informed workforce and can usually supply the paperwork you need within 24 hours.

At Floorace, we take the health and safety of our employees, and all those involved on or around our sites, with the utmost importance. Our WHS manager continually monitors the current legislative requirements and the implementation of our safety management system to ensure our high level of safety is maintained.

Floorace ensures every person on our sites is provided with the safest workplace possible.


From site supervisors on the ground, to a further level of supervision by our project manager, quality has never been
an issue.

Floorace has a long standing reputation within the industry for the quality of its services, including design, implementation of projects and administration. Together with this, our in-house quality assurance management systems and procedures have ensured client satisfaction and repeat business.


The National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry (National Code) establishes minimum standards businesses must meet to be eligible for Australian Government building and construction work.

Compliance with the National Code and guidelines is a condition of tender for government projects.

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